the team

Daniela Cisterna

Project Manager | Neighborhood activation
Hospitality Management EHL

Xavier Schaller

Neighborhood activation
Social educator ES diploma
Multimedia designer CFC

Baptiste Gex

Associate director
Environmental engineering diploma, EPFL

Axelle Marchon

President and associate director | development
Architecture diploma, EPFL

Loïc Simon

Associate director
Architecture diploma, HES


Enoki is the name of a mushroom. This living being has the particularity of being the fruit of mycelium, an important underground network allowing species to communicate with each other. Following this example, we aspire to create symbioses between the constructed world, humans and the environment.

2014 – 2017 : NeighborHub project
The NeighborHub, a neighborhood hub powered exclusively by solar energy, is the result of collaboration between EPFL, HEIA-FR, HEAD and UNIFR. Presented at the prestigious international Solar Decathlon 2017 competition, the Swiss NeighborHub project was awarded the highest distinction out of its ten competitors.
More information can be found here.

2018 : Founding of Enoki
With this experience, the idea of letting local communities benefit from it naturally occurred. The startup Enoki was thus created with the aim of improving the quality and sustainability of our cities through the implementation of NeighborHubs and the integration of innovative, ecological and human-centered solutions. Enoki works both on the structure as well as on the usage of these solutions and benefits from an interdisciplinary team for this purpose.



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Social Entrepreneurship Support Program


EPFL Student Support Program


Transfer of technologies and innovation support program at ENAC-EPFL


Impact Academy Support Program

What About You

Team building


The Swiss Association for Sustainable Neighborhoods is a partner of Enoki for the co-development of NeighborHub® meeting the SEED criteria for sustainable and solidarity based neighborhoods. This certification was developed under the supervision of WWF Switzerland and Implenia SA.

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