Privacy Policy 


What tools do we use?

Piwik PRO enables us to collect and analyse information on the properties of the traffic visiting the website, the interactions with the content provided and the consumption performance. It allows us to improve content for visitors.

What information do we collect about you?

Piwik PRO

On your first visit

Piwik Pro generates and assigns various random, anonymous user codes that are saved on your browser as different cookies. 

When you start navigating our website

  • The device used (model, operating system version)
  • The browser used (name, version, language)
  • Source website (referrer, medium)

When changing page

  • Information about the page being loaded (URL, page title, loading time, page type)

When interacting with a page 

  • Keywords entered for searches
  • Links clicked on
  • Email addresses and telephone numbers clicked on
  • Forms submitted (only the form name, not its content)

Contact form

We use the contact form to receive general questions, as well as requests for quotations, which are then recorded in our CRM Pipedrive.


Subscribing to the newsletter requires a double opt-in process. After subscribing via this website, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. This confirmation is required to ensure that the request has actually come from you. This process is logged so as to be able to verify the subscription process.

To this end, we log the following: 

  • Consent given to receive newsletters
  • Sending of the confirmation email
  • Receipt of the email response

When you open the newsletter, a small embedded graphic will establish a connection with the server. This collects technical information such as the browser and system version used, your IP address, and time of access. It shows if and when the newsletter is opened and what links are clicked on. From a technical perspective, this information can be assigned to individual recipients. However, we have no interest in monitoring individual users. We analyse the information anonymously to identify reading habits and optimise our newsletter.

What do we do with the information collected?

Piwik PRO

We use this information to assess the visibility of our content and understand the behaviour of users as a whole.

Who has access to this information?  

This information is only available to Enoki employees and to the companies providing the relevant analysis and data collection tools.

Where is this information stored?

Piwik PRO

The information collected using Piwik PRO is stored on the cloud (EU), meaning a network of virtual and physical servers accessed remotely.

How long do we store your information for?

Piwik PRO  

The information we have collected is automatically deleted after 14 months.

How do you deactivate data monitoring and collection?

Piwi PRO

You can deactivate data monitoring and collection at any time by turning on the do not track feature of your browser.

How do you delete any information that may have been collected about you? 


You can cancel your subscription at any time. There is a link to do so at the bottom of every newsletter. Any personal data associated with the newsletter subscription will be deleted following cancellation.

Who should you contact if you have any questions or would like your information deleted?

We are happy to help with any questions or deletion requests : [email protected]


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