Local activities and services to facilitate our daily lives and enable sustainable lifestyles.

implementation process

3 key steps in order to propose activities, services and governance that embody the image of the neighborhood and its inhabitants.

Enoki is working in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way, putting the needs of tenants, reduction of environmental impact and activation of local potential at the center of this process.

1. imagine

How do you stimulate neighborhood life and encourage sustainable lifestyles in an existing or developing neighborhood? Here is a scenario.   

NeighborHub® scenario

Needs analysis

Evaluate existing infrastructure and services

Sketch of an operating model

Action plan proposal

2. build

Your scenario was validated? Let’s go! Let’s build the neighborhood hub: its interior space and exterior facilities, but also its usage.

Designing and building the infrastructure

Conversion of existing facilities or construction of a temporary or permanent ecological pavilion

Giving life to the neighborhood

Creation of local partnerships

Activation strategy and planning

Support and search for local ambassadors

3. activate

We are now ready to launch sustainable lifestyles in a lively neighborhood.    

Launch of NeighborHub®

Coordination of activities and services

Implementation of a local governance

Impact measurement and improvements

Monitoring / supporting the operation of the neighborhood hub

Measurement of sustainability performance indicators

Integration of new services and activities



Communities and developers

Tailor-made solutions

More attractive neighborhoods

Achievement of sustainability goals


Inhabitants and users

Easier access to a sustainable lifestyle


Improved quality of life


Reduction of CO2 emissions

Increase in local cash flow

Improvement of social interactions

they trust us

Interested in activating neighborhood life and sustainable lifestyles in your commune, building or real estate project?