Fribourg | FR

As part of the creation of a competence and innovation centre in the field of wood by Bluefactory Fribourg-Freiburg SA, Enoki has developed a new modular wood system and participated in the development of the water and energy management concept.
In partnership with JPF, Groupe E, ECAB and SINEF, this project named “wood-iD” will allow to mutualize the know-how around wood construction and to develop good practices through economic, environmental and social indicators.
The first phase of this project began with the design of a new wooden building which was inaugurated in the summer of 2021 and which allows the temporary relocation of the users of a building which has been demolished. This experimental structure allowed Enoki to develop a modular, ecological and circular wooden construction solution, based on a kit and a catalogue of elements (technical, facades, fittings, etc.).

Type of service


Type of project 

Temporary ecological building 

Surface | SBP

735 m²

Volume | SIA

2338 m³

Impact levers