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Within the framework of an architectural competition for the construction of some 30 housing units, community premises and activities, Enoki was given the task of integrating the expectations related to sustainability into the specifications and the competition programme and of analysing the proposals of the selected teams on this basis.
The SNBS certification was chosen as the framework for analysis. Some of its indicators were used to evaluate the sustainability of the proposals, such as: the supply of infrastructure in the district, the supply of meeting spaces, the flexibility of use, the quality of use of the spaces, or the flora, fauna and water management. Additional elements to this certification were provided by the teams and taken into account in the evaluation.
The project by NAOS Architekten AG “Pettson et Picpus” was chosen as the winner. It proposed two buildings with corridors to encourage encounters and opening onto an open courtyard in the direction of the hamlet, planted with vegetation and designed for common use thanks to a café terrace, meeting and play areas, vegetable gardens and bicycle sheds.

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