Downtown user consultation

Bulle | FR

In order to improve the quality of life of its residents, the town of Bulle has launched studies into the redevelopment of its town center, a key area of priority in the context of the town’s current and future urban development. These studies are being carried out in MEP format.

In this context, Enoki is assisting the town in organizing a participatory approach as part of the MEP process, which will make the most of the usage expertise of the people who live, work or use the center of Bulle.

This consultation is divided into 3 phases. Firstly, prior to the MEP, all users will have the opportunity to express their views via an online survey, at the end of which they will be invited to apply to join the representative user group, which will refine the center’s needs in terms of usage. Then, during the design phase, the representative group will meet 3 times to exchange views with the design teams and provide recommendations. Finally, at the end of the MEP process, a public presentation and exhibition will take place.


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