Antenne Quartiers Durables

Canton of Fribourg

As part of the new Sustainable Development Strategy of the State of Fribourg, the Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure, Mobility and the Environment (DIME) wishes to strengthen sustainable urbanisation (target 11.3). In order to achieve this target, municipalities and agglomerations must be informed about how to promote the development of resource-efficient, adaptable, mixed-use, health-promoting and inclusive neighbourhoods in their territories. To achieve this, a “Sustainable Neighbourhoods Antenna” has been set up.
The mission of the Sustainable Neighbourhoods Antenna is to strengthen sustainable urban planning by informing, advising and redirecting municipalities to the specialists or resources that can help them.
Enoki was responsible for the implementation of the Antenna by specifying, among other things, the target public, the services offered and the communication media and channels. Enoki was inspired by the design thinking method to better understand the needs and obstacles of the target audience and thus propose a solution corresponding to the problems in the field.
The antenna is now operational and in its pilot phase, in order to continue its adaptation and to become a real lever to promote sustainable urbanism in the canton.

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