sustainable strategies

Tailor-made development and support for sustainable neighbourhoods

We evaluate, imagine and integrate 
sustainablility into your neighbourhood or building projects.

We provide a globale reflection within the framework of a multidisciplinary team with a common vision of the sustainable development of our cities.

our expertise

We are involved in the competition and design phases to integrate sustainability and user needs into the heart of the project.
We support you in the implementation phase of your project and act as a guardian of sustainability.


Evaluate the needs of the population or neighbourhood and draw up a sustainability report

  • Population survey

  • Participatory approach

  • Sustainability assessment


Feed the project with usage expertise and a global approach to sustainability.

  • Integrated design process

  • Advice to design teams


Support the development of the project and achieve certification targets.

  • SNBS follow-up
  • SEED integrator
  • Tailor-made support

our levers of action

live together

circular economy




water and biodiversity


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