Participatory process

Bulle | FR

In order to accompany the development and transformation of an existing part of its territory, the City of Bulle wishes to define a guideline for a perimeter of approximately 1,500 dwellings, in particular through specific planning tools and parallel study mandates (MEP).
In this context, a consultation of users has been set up so that their experience can feed the project. 
Initially, and prior to the MEP, a survey, diagnostic walks and a vision workshop made it possible to draw up an inventory of the perimeter. The conclusions of these three analyses were then provided to the teams of architects participating in the MEP as a basis for their work.
At present, the MEP process is continuing with workshops between teams and users, in particular via the creation of a representative group of 12 people. These workshops allow the teams to obtain recommendations from the users and thus to develop their project.

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