Bringing shared spaces to life through a participatory approach

25.05.2023 | Project

In May 2022, a new piece of city emerged on the route du Pavement In Lausanne. With its ~220 inhabitants, the projet led by the SCHL aims to create social links between the inhabitants, an essential element for creating a sense of well-being, facilitating daily life and bringing about greater  sustainability.

To achieve this, the neighbourhood offers several common spaces, both inside and outside. But what exactly can be done there, with whom and how ?

To answer these questions and to colour the nieghbourhood in hte image of it inhabitants, Enoki is currenty carrying out a process of activating common spaces called “Bring your neighbourhood to life”.

As a first step, Enoki organised three participatory meetings which allowed to: 

  • gather the ideas and needs of the residents
  • to choose together projects for the neighbourhood that would be useful to everyone
  • define a roadmap for each selected project

The second phase of activation consists of supporting the implementation of the projects and making them sustainable. This approach aims to enable residents to become actors in their neighbourhood and to ensure the smooth running of common spaces, so that they become real places of life and exchange for the neighbourhood.

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