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Within the framework of the creation of a center of competence and innovation in the field of wood by Bluefactory Fribourg-Freiburg SA, Enoki is developing a modular wood system and is participating in the development of water and energy management.

In partnership with JPF, Groupe E, ECAB and SINEF, this project, called “wood-iD”, will enable the pooling of know-how around wood construction and the development of best practices through economic, environmental and social indicators.

The first phase of this project begins with the design of a new wooden building that will be built by the summer of 2021 and will provide temporary accommodation for users of a building that will be demolished. This experimental structure allows Enoki to develop a modular wooden, ecological and circular constructive solution, based on a kit and a catalog of elements (techniques, facades, facilities, etc).

Mounted on 3 floors, “wood-iD” consists of 24 wooden modules measuring 7.6 meters by 3.8 meters, which fit together like pieces of “Lego” (1 length is equal to 2 widths). This construction offers numerous advantages through the efficient transport of materials, the speed of assembly on site (approx. 2 weeks), the agility of the layout, the rationality of the spaces and the comfort of use. It also stands out for its ecological profile, notably with the reuse of materials from the site’s demolition and an innovative water treatment system, and its typological evolutionary capacity, offering the possibility of quickly transforming, for example, an office into a classroom. Bluefactory

See press release dated 27.01.21 in French or German

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